Panasonic GH4


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The Panasonic GH4 is a fantastic hybrid stills and video camera with pro-level features in a compact package.

The GH4 is able to capture stunning high resolution 4k video, 96fps slow motion, as well as standard 1080p high-def footage at a high bit rate. Along with a slew of other formats and settings this camera is able to hold its own on a high level shoot, or perform brilliantly in a run-and-gun unplanned situation.

With the included Metabones Speedbooster the GH4 is able to use any of our EF mount lenses. The Speedbooster allows for aperture control in video mode, as well as both aperture control and auto-focus in photo mode. The Speedbooster also increases the light gathering ability of the lens by approximately one stop, increasing the low light ability of this camera greatly.


What’s in the kit:

-Panasonic GH4 camera body

-Metabones EF-M43 Speedbooster pre-mounted to camera

-Two Batteries lasting 3-4 hours each

-Two 64GB SDHC cards

-Battery charger

What you’ll need:

-An EF mount lens. Any of our lenses are compatible with this camera when using the Metabones Speedbooster. Alternatively you can bring your own M4/3 mount lens and skip the Speedbooster.

-A tripod. This camera is small and light enough to use with our Manfrotto 500 series tripods.

-Ample hard drive space and a capable computer. If you are shooting in 4k the footage takes up significantly more space than 1080p, and much more processing power. Keep this in mind when making your choices about what format to shoot.

Recommended accessories:

-Bower 16mm, Rokinon 35mm, and Bower 85mm lenses. These cine style lenses look great on this camera, and are a pleasure to use.

-Fiilex P360, or any of our compact LED lights. With the small and versatile lighting options we have you can put together a very portable and very adaptable production package.

-Kessler Pocket Dolly or Pocket Jib. Use these to add dynamic movement to your video.