Nothing is sacred. Not even your art. 

Begins April 1st, 2016. No cost to participate (Members only)

This production project is for the bravest of artists. Open Source is a unique production project where participants will work together, although not at the same time, to build a new work of media art. 


How will it work?

The project will begin with a single piece of video or audio, which the next contributor will be able to add to, take away from, or alter in any way they choose so long as their contribution is clearly derived from the work leading up to it. 

That contributor will then upload or deliver the revised work in it’s new form (to the internet or Ed Video), at which point the next contributor will have up to one week to add their work to the evolving piece. Then another contributor will do the same to the piece, and so on. 

Initially, the project will run for ten weeks, but will be continued if participants demonstrate interest if extending the timeline.

Resources such as training, space and equipment will be provided when possible.

The finished work will be released in a manner appropriate to it's format, under a creative commons license. 


How do I Contribute?

Email to sign up to become a contributor or for more information. Each contributor can request to sign up for a specific week of the project.

Week 01 (April 1st to April 7th): John Clement

Week 02 (April 8th to 14th): Marko Cigljarev

Week 03 (April 15th to 21st): Jeff Bird

Week 04 (April 22nd to 28th): Pepper Dunn-Dufault

Week 05 (April 29th to May 5th): Scott McGovern

Week 06 (May 6th to May 12th): Elia Morrison

Week 07 (May 13th to May 19th): Mango Alvarado

Week 08 (May 20th to May 26th): Blair Cameron

Week 09 (May 27th to June 2nd):John Clement

Week 10 (June 3rd to June 9th):