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Respond to any posting with due caution and inquiry. Ed Video does not have the resources to verify each request we receive.



Vince Masson is looking for Crew


"Project: Spurlock.

Type: Short Film
Dates: June 25th (1st day of shooting). Other days TBD.

Location: Guelph, ON

This a comedy short that follows Morgan Spurlock's fictional attempts to follow up his hit documentary "Super Size Me" almost a decade later - with disastrous results.

I am seeking some extra hands on set to help with set-up and other production duties. Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated. No experience required.

This is a non-paid position, unfortunately. Travel expenses will be provided.

Please contact or call/text 519-362-6727, if interested.

Adam Donaldson asks "Who Wants to Talk About Movies?!" 

"I’m developing a new show for CFRU 93.3 fm about movies and TV. It will follow a similar format to my other show, ‘Open Sources Guelph’, but will feature discussion of movie news in the first half, and an in-depth review of a new movie or show (or TV movie) in the second half.

And I need a partner.If you’re interested in movies and pop culture, have opinions about the same, and are interested in radio, give me a shout at adamadonaldson [at] gmail [dot] com.

The show is still in the idea stage so there’s no launch date, or time slot yet. Feel free to get in touch"

Looking for help?

Ed Video can be a great place to make connections with cast, crew, artists, video producers and technical help.
As an artist-run centre, we encourage the fair treatment of skilled artists, and that includes making sure that the services they may provide are respected and (whenever possible) financially compensated at a reasonable rate.

Before submitting your call for help, please consider the time, cost and energy video and media makers have invested in the development of their skills. The amount any individual video or media artist may charge for their work will vary, and some may even be willing to provide their services at no cost for projects or groups they believe in.
If you are seeking a volunteer videographer/media artist, please be prepared to compensate them (at minimum) for their equipment costs, travel expenses, media costs (DVD copies), etc. Never expect a volunteer to pay out of their own pocket to help you!
Artists should always be paid for assisting commercially-oriented projects.

To send us your call for help, please answer the following questions as briefly as possible. Calls should be less than two paragraphs and include full contact information. Submit two weeks (or more) before the date your project takes place.

Project:(name of your project and/or organization)
Looking for help with: (general video help, camera operator, editor, etc)
Project Type:(short film, PSA, documentary, etc)
Paid or Volunteer?:
Dates required:(please be as specific as possible)
City/region of project:
Brief description of the project:(synopsis, timeline, end use, other important information, etc)
Contact information:(your email, phone number, etc)

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